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Watching Mortgage Rate Trends

Thousands of our individual users have saved up to tens of thousands of dollars using our rate watch newsletter and rate drop anticipatory techniques. Although there is no guaranteed method to predict rate fluctuations one can become better prepared to scoop up attractive refinance rates when watching out for key economic changes and market trends. 



What factors enable a rate shopper to anticipate a rate drop? How do you predict when rates will rise of fall as well as the most likely percentage adjustment?   A number of factors come in to play that can impact rate increases or a significant drop in rate. 

Equity Market Conditions
As negative news reports regarding corporations pour in from the media throughout the day, investors seeking safe havens tend sell off stock shares in order to put money into something more secure such as Treasury bonds. If the equity markets are in the green, mortgage rates are less likely to rise. On the other hand if the equity market drops deep into negative territory for several days, rate shoppers can expect rates to drop or at the very least remain at present levels.

Treasury Yields
Bond market strength usually impacts rate drops to lower levels.
Usually the Treasury trading is mixed. Some are trading up in prices and thus, because they move in the opposite direction of the prices, down in yields. Others trade down in prices and thus up in yields. The movement will   influence a number of lenders to moderately increase or decrease their mortgage rates depending on yield figures.

Economic Reports
Economic Reports in the housing market, consumer confidence, employment and unemployment rates, retail, factory and personal income reports weigh heavily on stock market activity. A streak of significant market losses will likely impact rates causing lenders to lower the rates them over time.

Housing Market
Housing market reports can impact rates for the better allowing rates to maintain current levels or at the least contribute to smaller rises or drops.

Consumer Confidence
A lower than expected consumer confidence report can weaken equity markets, strengthen the bond market and thus cause rates to drop.

Open Committee Conference Board Address
If inflationary factors are not evident this can make a Fed rate hike less likely.

Employment GDP And Other Reports
The results of the Employment, Factory Orders and Personal Income reports as well as the GDP release are the most important reports reports for rate watchers. These reports have an almost direct impact on market activity. Positive reports can either hold rates at current levels or a steep plunge in market gains and thus cause significant rate drops.

Considering that today's rates are at historic 40 year lows, consumers looking for a good deal on a rate should apply for rate quotes at lending marketplaces now.  Have lenders compete for your business and negotiate your best rate with such rate lock programs as Float-downs, or Rate Re-lock-ins or Long Term Rate Locks that allow for  locks as long as 60 days or more. 

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Rate Are Low. Is Now A Good Time To Refinance?

When interest rates fall, a homeowner should definitely call a lender about refinancing, but he or she should discuss their entire financial situation and goals before making any final decision. 

Is your goal to lower your monthly payment? Consolidate debts? Get cash out for large purchases? Change your interest deduction expense for your taxes? 

After Applying for a refinance quote ask the lender offering best rates to provide a couple of refinancing scenarios for you, showing how your loan term length, monthly payment and your total interest expense on the loan will change. 

After looking at these scenarios, it will be clear whether or not you should refinance.

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