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Welcome to RefinanceLoanRates at, a loan search engine, low rate shopping tool and lender directory.

We have now formed affiliate partnerships with the internets most reputable lending networks most of whom are registered members of the Better Business Bureau and carry high credits in consumer choice reports.

The RefinanceLoanRates at is partner to a number of Equal Housing Opportunity Lending marketplaces in most of the continental United States to give you full access to nationwide and local lending resources.

We provide access to top lending institutions and feature the more consumer friendly networks on our home pages to give you the thumbs up on the most useful tools and resources that can be found online.

We look forward to providing you with state of the art loan search, calculation and acquisition tools to make your finance shopping easier and more fulfilling.

Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please call us at [410 323 4202] or send us an email at
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Rate Are Low. Is Now A Good Time To Refinance?

When interest rates fall, a homeowner should definitely call a lender about refinancing, but he or she should discuss their entire financial situation and goals before making any final decision. 

Is your goal to lower your monthly payment? Consolidate debts? Get cash out for large purchases? Change your interest deduction expense for your taxes? 

After Applying for a refinance quote ask the lender offering best rates to provide a couple of refinancing scenarios for you, showing how your loan term length, monthly payment and your total interest expense on the loan will change. 

After looking at these scenarios, it will be clear whether or not you should refinance.

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